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Такое впечатление, что уже началась пора отпусков: Polukrovka 2 дня 8 часов 18 минут назад. I have trouble with making a recording of the audio, not with listening. Ignacio, we can download that audio file by taking one of these actions if you have a PC to do that at you convenience: I had assumed that the link just opened a page where we could only listen. Ignacio, My pleasure, I may be capable of jealousy after seeing your comments consisted of those well sentences.

Are you paying a compliment on my English? I work as an English teacher, but — by no means- that makes me very good at English. I try to listen a lot too. And you will get better too if you receive massive amounts of Comprehensible input that you can receive with interest or pleasure. Good luck with your English! Can you explain how to do that — if it is not complicated?

I just downloaded another audiobook using the technique you just taught me. Mitchell Lisa goes to London Starter In this story, a young girl goes on a trip to London in order to take part in the final of an international short story competition.